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Tebald Caeso who is the only heir to the Infrasoft corporation gets unawarely dragged into years-long cold war between military and Caesarea. His abduction is meticulously planned by Intelligence and Security board through rock star Valnaar who often renders small services to ISB. Imposing on his old friendship with Kristen Ehrhardt and his trust, Valnaar sets Radan, an ISB officer who has a bone to pick with Elrec Caeso, on his son Tebald.

I'm really curious, who's your favourite character so far? 

131 deviants said Tebald
116 deviants said Radan
61 deviants said Valnaar
24 deviants said Kristen
Ahem. It's been a while.
Well, courtesy of
DuskSherd, another Q&A wall of text. This time, it is almost entirely about Val and Kris.

How tall are the boys? I can pretty much guess that Kris and Val are the same height but what's the number?
- Kris is 183 sm (6 ft), Val is 181 sm (5,94 ft).

I know that Radan is supposed to be Serbian, so what about Kris and Val? Val looks Native American, is that what you were going for when you designed him?
- Radan has Serbian name, Kris's name is semi-German, and Val was indeed designed with Native Americans in mind. However, our characters do not represent any real ethnicity or nation. According to this comics' setting, people are divided on Caesarean elite, all other citizens and transgenetics, who are commonly regarded as outcasts.

Will we ever get to meet Val's brother in prison?
- No, not in this comic. There are some arts with him, though.
(I'm too lazy to post it, but here's the link:

What happened to Val's feather?
- He's sent it to Kris as a farewell gift after they broke up in chapter 7. But since Kris cought up with Val at the airport, he never got it. So, the feather is still in Kris' mailbox.

Is Val's hair dyed? His eyebrows are much darker than his hair.
- Nope, Val's hair color is natural (except for his colored streaks, of course). Pretty much like Radan is naturally blue. Screw the reality!

Who broke Val's nose? Was it Kris? Why hasn't he tried to get it fixed (not that I mind, his nose looks cute the way it is)
- No, it was already broken when he met Kris. Val used to fight a lot when he was a teenager, and doesn't even remembers who broke his nose. Medical care is very expensive in Caesarea, so Val left it as it was.

Who would win in a fight - Kris or Val?
- It depends on the situation. But Kris would most likely let Val win. Seeing bruises on Val's face would hurt Kris more than having his own face smashed.

If Kris and Val were to live together, who would be the messier one who leaves their clothes everywhere?
- Good question. 
Kris. But it would be the sort of artistic mess with t-shirts lying around, wet towels on bed and books all over the place. Kris is not a slob, though, and never leaves his underwear in plain sight, or dirty dishes in the sink.

In the Kris X Val couple, which one can't handle his alcohol?
- Val. But he almost never drinks, because he's afraid of loosing control over himself.

How many people has Kris slept with and who was his first?
- A lot. Or rather, A LOT. The exact number is lost to history.
His first was a maid who used to work at the Ehrhardt estate at that time. Kris was 14 and this blowjob was his first mature sexual experience. Kris must have enjoyed it to the fullest, since he never stopped since then.

Which is hothead and which one is constantly the one calming him down?
- Val is certainly a hothead. As for Kris... well, when Val is not mad at him, it's already a huge success.

Did Val ever "get off" to the thought of doing it with Kris while he was alone?
- No, he always thought about women. He had wet dreams about Kris, though. As you know, we can't control our dreams =3

Who cries the most and who gets emotional?
- I don't think any of them can actually cry, unless it's some really grave situation. 
Val is particularly bad at controling his negative emotions, while Kris is the sentimental one.

Did Kris ever "get off" to Val? 
- Yep, often. He also used to imagine Val instead of his current sex partner.

And apart from kissing Val, did Kris ever make any other types of moves on Val? We know that Kris has grabby hands, has he ever tried to initiate anything more than a kiss with Val?
- No, he didn't, the rejection was very clear. For a while Kris did his best to be just friends with Val, but failed, and so he quit the band.

Was Aldi the first guy Kris has been with (I highly doubt that) and if not who was Kris' first guy and how old was he?
- Aldi was very far from being the first one. Probably a few dozens far.
Kris' first male partner was his friend, when they both were 15 or so.

How would Kris' siblings react to his engagement with Val?
- They love him and want to him to be happy. Yet they think that Kris will be happy with someone else, not Val.

Just how many siblings does Kris have? Are they all men or women?
- Kris has two brothers and a sister. He is the youngest one.

In Caesera, how do people view people who aren't straight? Is Kris an oddity with his bisexuality?
- Bisexuality is rather common in Caesarea. In fact, no one cares who you sleep with, but when people hit 30-40 years old, they are expected to have traditional families and children.

How would Val respond to having either his hair or tail pulled during sex or should Kris just never try to do that?
- At first Val's reaction would be rather... emotional, sometimes even negative. But he'll learn to love it in time.

How old was Val when he got his tattoo, how much did it hurt, how long did it take, and is he ever planning on getting the other arm done?
- He was 18, it took about 2 months and the pain was moderate. And no, he doesn't plan to have any other tattoos.

What type of rock music did the band make?
- Something like progressive metal. They have quite a diverse music style with mixed vocals of both Val and Nikki. Their lyrics are mostly about actively opposing the system and other rebellious stuff.

At what point did Val go from being the skinny, awkward adorable nerd to the hot man we know him as today?
- (On a side note, I wouldn't call Val a nerd. As far as I know, nerds don't fight on a daily basis. But, never mind.)
Val changed a lot after Kris left the band. He strated working out, made his tattoo and established contacts with transgenetics around that time. So, Val was 18-19 or so.

Just how much does Val know about sex (especially sex with men) because if not his first night with Kris is going to be a very wild adventure.
- He knows heterosexual theory well enough.
Homosexual relationships, on the other hand, never picked his interest, so why bother?

I understand that Val's feeling towards Kris are complicated, but what made him fall for Kris? 
- Everything Kris did, from supporting Val in the 2nd chapter to his awkward proposal in the airport, were steps that led Val to this decision.
Even though Val set Kris up, even though Val didn't trust Kris, it took just one night for Kris to give up everything he had and follow Val. Back at the airport Val realized that he means a world for Kris. 

Now what made Kris fall for Val (both romantically and... sexually).
- Kris loves Val's talent and dedication, his loneliness and short fuse, as well as Val's intolerance to everything evil and his dream of changing the world. Kris believes that Val can bring people together around him and inspire them.
Kris loves Val from head to toe, his smile, his eyes, the way he moves. Kris loves his hands and fingers when Val plays the guitar. Kris loves his soft hair and his scent, his voice and the sound of him laughing.
Basically, given some time, Kris could write a few sets of books explaining, why he loves Val and just how much, and it still won't explain it all. 

What is Kris's favorite thing to do sexually... how will Val react to said thing?
- Kris prefers partners who are sensitive, passionate, sexually-unfettered and ready for experiments.
He likes having sex with two partners at the same time, disregarding their gender. He likes watching his partners undress slowly and passionately. He likes blindfolds and sex toys and applying a certain degree of restrictions. He also likes having sex in public places, where people might see him, but he's not an exhibitionist.
Val's reaction... will be covered in the following chapters. At least some of it. 

If Val and Kris shared a bed, who would be the violent sleeper? 
- At night Kris sticks to Val like a band-aid, so... it's hard to say. 

How welcoming would Val be of Kris' wandering hands while he's laying in bed trying to fall asleep?
- If Val is actually tired, he won't like it. 

Apart from the fight we saw in Chap 4, have Kris and Val ever gotten into a fist fight and over what?
- Nope, they didn't.

What is the stupidest and most trivial thing they've ever argued about?
- Music, or rather, their musical preferences. Like, who's better the ex-vocalist of so-and-so band, or the current one. 

Could Nikki tell that Kris was interested in Val? Could she tell that Val was interested in her? Seriously.
- She had no idea about Kris' love for Val, but Val's obsession was rather obvious to her. He wasn't hiding it after all.

*Cough* Will there be a possibility of Nikki X Cara?
- Cara certainly won't mind, but Nikki is a happily married woman =3

Does Val visit his brother in prison? How close were they? Do they look alike and is he also transgenetic?
- Of course, he did. They were very close and despite the circumstances, they still are. 
And yes, they look like brothers, even though they aren't related by blood and Seth isn't a transgenetic.
(Once again, here they are:

Are either of the boys ticklish?
- Nope, not really.

Apart from not being able to have it, is there any reason Val thinks sex is overrated?
- No, this is his only reason XD

Which of them has the dirtier mouth and mind?
- Val swears a lot. Kris can't look at someone eating a banana and think about actually eating a banana XD

What's the closet anyone has ever come to discovering Val's tail?
- Val passed out in a fight and was hospitalized. He managed to escape just before the medical examination, otherwise the doctor would certainly notice his tail. Val had become more careful ever since and avoided hospitals at all costs.

Val's biggest sexual fantasy is...
...rather simple, actually. Something about him being with two ladies at the same time.

Kris' biggest sexual fantasy is...
...Val, being all open, obedient and willing to do anything. 

Val is happiest when he is...
...performing at the concert with the crowd goes wild and all the emotions flowing into him.

Kris is happiest when he is...
- Kris is happiest when Val is by his side and reciprocate his feelings.

What are both of their most embarrassing moments?
- Val walking in when Kris and Nikki had sex. Very embarrassing for all three of them.

What inspired you and Ksuly Beth to make this comic? Who's idea was it? (It's so different from all the other bland BL webcomics I read)
- That's... a funny story. I just asked on the local blog-site if there's anyone willing to try writing a comic script and that's how we met XD I guess, it took all my life's amounts of luck to find a person who's so different and yet so easy to understand and work with.
We've spent a month or so figuring out what we have in common and what would work for both of us, and that's how Aldi and Radan came into existence. The very first version of the story was about Aldi being pretty much who he is now and Radan being a space pirate or something, and there was love and space adventures and stuff. (Now that I think about it, why the hell didn't we go with it?!)

Ksuly Beth is the brain center. We discuss every part of the story, but the script is 100% her work.

Has anyone ever told you that your art style looks like the animation style Archer TV series? Did you go to art school? Your art really is unique and I love it!
-Why, thank you =3 I haven't heard about this series, but you've picked my interest.
And no, I'm self-taught.

Why don't we hear more from Ksuly Beth :(
-She doesn't speak English. Unfortunately.

Have you tried getting it published? I feel its a shame you don't get monetary compensation for this work considering how much effort you both put into it.
- No. Monetary compensation is a good thing, but not owning anything to anyone is much better. Without any compensation and obligations towards people who pay me, I can stop drawing this story whenever I want and believe it or not, this is the only thing that keeps me drawing it.


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